2019 Ceres, curator: Jelle Spruyt, Antwerp, BE
2018 Open Studio’s – Antwerp Art Pavilion
With: Michiel Albers, Kitty Kamp, Stef Van Looveren, Patries Wichers
2016 I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy, DIY, Antwerp, BE
Please come to the show, Katleen Vinck, Antwerp, BE
We make work like this, project space Studio Start, Antwerp, BE
2015 No Blossom No Moonlight, curator: João Mourão & Luís Silva, Extra City, Antwerp, BE
One Armed Man, Oude Beurs, Antwerp, BE
Most people never eat poetry #1 An event with Marcel Beyer: between building words and speaking,
curator: Arne De Winde, Tom Lambeets, Wim Lambrechts, Sint Lucas, Gent, BE
A l’ etat sauvage, Maison d’Art & Design, Tronçais, FR
96, Everaertstraat 96, Antwerp, BE
STRT Kit #1 Antwerp art weekend, project space Studio Start , Antwerp, BE
2014 Weihnachtsexposition, Showroom Sint Lucas, Antwerp, BE
Am I Wrong, curator: Geoffrey de Beer, Showroom Sint Lucas, Antwerp, BE
2013 Un-Fixed, Academie, Antwerp, BE
Ex-positie, Lange Lozanastraat, Antwerp, BE


2014 Lore Wandelt, Middelheim Museum, Antwerp, BE


2015 [MASTER], project space Studio Start, Antwerp, BE
Zonder schroom, performance festival, Projectruimte Studio Start, Antwerp, BE
Project Object, Showroom Sint Lucas, Antwerp, BE
STRT Kit #2, Villa Fleming, Beirut, LB
Nine to five, project space Studio Start, Antwerp, BE
2013 Word of mouth, Socrates never wrote a word, Showroom Sint Lucas, curator: Stine Marie Jacobsen, Antwerp, BE


2015 Beirut, Start Kit #1, LB
2014-2015 STRT Kit with Studio Start, Extra City and Air Antwerp, BE


2015 Article in (H)art magazine, BE
’10 Stories of a Journey’, isbn 978-9-08247-530-2, Antwerp, BE


2011-2016 Bachelor and Master Fine Arts, St. Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp, BE