2019 Ceres, curator: Jelle Spruyt, Antwerp, BE
2018 Open Studio’s – Antwerp Art Pavilion
With: Michiel Albers, Kitty Kamp, Stef Van Looveren, Patries Wichers
2016 I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy, DIY, Antwerp, BE
Please come to the show, Katleen Vinck, Antwerp, BE
2015 No Blossom No Moonlight, curator: João Mourão & Luís Silva, Extra City, Antwerp, BE
One Armed Man, Oude Beurs, Antwerp, BE
Most people never eat poetry #1 An event with Marcel Beyer: between building words and speaking,
curator: Arne De Winde, Tom Lambeets, Wim Lambrechts, Sint Lucas, Gent, BE
A l’ etat sauvage, Maison d’Art & Design, Tronçais, FR
96, Everaertstraat 96, Antwerp, BE
STRT Kit #1 Antwerp art weekend, project space Studio Start , Antwerp, BE
2014 Weihnachtsexposition, Showroom Sint Lucas, Antwerp, BE
Am I Wrong, curator: Geoffrey de Beer, Showroom Sint Lucas, Antwerp, BE
2013 Un-Fixed, Academie, Antwerp, BE
Ex-positie, Lange Lozanastraat, Antwerp, BE


2014 Lore Wandelt, Middelheim Museum, Antwerp, BE


2016 We make work like this, project space Studio Start, Antwerp, BE
2015 [MASTER], project space Studio Start, Antwerp, BE

Project Object, Showroom Sint Lucas, Antwerp, BE
STRT Kit #2, Villa Fleming, Beirut, LB
Nine to five, project space Studio Start, Antwerp, BE

2013 Word of mouth, Socrates never wrote a word, Showroom Sint Lucas, curator: Stine Marie Jacobsen, Antwerp, BE


2015 Beirut, Start Kit #1, LB
2014-2015 STRT Kit with Studio Start, Extra City and Air Antwerp, BE


2015 Article in (H)art magazine, BE
’10 Stories of a Journey’, isbn 978-9-08247-530-2, Antwerp, BE


2011-2016 Bachelor and Master Fine Arts, St. Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp, BE