Visual artist and an independent curator. She obtained a masters degree in Fine Arts (2016) at Sint Lucas Antwerp.
During her studies she started organizing and curating various exhibitions and events.
She currently combines her artistic practice, assisting in productions and being a curator.
She also works as a freelance guide for the M HKA and Art Antwerp.



Robert Soroko and Lore Van Roelen both have individual art practices, In addition they have been developing a multidisciplinary practice together since 2021 and develop alternative ways of making exhibitions. What connects them is acting, playing, researching, transforming, language, public space, immediacy and dialogue. Working from a directness that takes shape in different actions, which are separate from each other but are always connected, react or follow each other. (Action-reaction: the actions follow each other, a layering is created.) They work with all kinds of materials but with specific colors, yellow and pink, different opposites are touched hard and soft, legible and illegible, big and small, old and new, wild, … everything is possible.